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Keene State College: Student Affairs Vision and Issues

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Student Affairs Institutional Planning Discussions Summary - Fall 2005

Student Affairs Division



Priorities for Keene State

  • academic reform: need for final decision and implementation of general education and adoption of the 4 credit model which must be clearly communicated to students through an improved academic advising system.
  • establish stronger linkages through adoption of a consistent "customer service" philosophy between/among all divisions -- student affairs/academic affairs/finance and planning.
  • conscientiously work to prepare students for life after college by holding them accountable for their actions.
  • provide leadership opportunities for all students to prepare them for the world of work through clubs and organizations, community service, internships, service-learning and travel.
  • provide professional development for faculty and staff, particularly around working in a changing environment and using techniques to "work smarter".


At Keene State, we value:

  • integration of in and out of class learning
  • community and working together for the common good
  • collegial relationships
  • diversity and accessibility for all
  • civility and respect


The Keene State College of 2009 will be:

  • an exciting, engaging environment for learning - in and outside the classroom - offering one of the finest and most affordable educations in the northeast
  • a diverse community where all students, faculty and staff are accepted, respected and valued for who they are and how they can contribute
  • a place where volunteerism, community service and civic engagement are highly valued among all community members
  • the place where a small town environment has been maintained through balanced and carefully planned growth
  • an institution with growing pride and spirit among students in their college and our community

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