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Goal: Support Academic Achievements of Faculty and Students

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on November 5, 2007 at 4:27:01 pm




To significantly enhance and become recognized for the quality of our academic programs and the academic achievements of our faculty and students.




Our challenge is immediate. With an anticipated decline in graduating high school seniors we are challenged with finding new methods for reaching and attracting students. Traditional marketing efforts have worked well in the past but are unable to showcase achievements that are not easily measured. GPA's, Dean's List, Honor Society membership, conference presentations, and other formally recognized awards are important accomplishments to be honored however we need to think hard about 1) the defintion of achievement and recognize that students and faculty achieve in a variety of venues and 2) capitalize on new technologies to spotlight our success. Limiting our definition and our scope does a great disservice to our students, faculty, and our institution.


"The public discourse suggests that the time has come to show – more transparently than ever before – that our approaches to teaching result in the kinds of learning we have identified as important for students today. Aligning our learning outcomes assessments with the multitude of creative technology-enabled faculty and student activities already under way is a significant step toward understanding the progress we have made in higher education to this point, and it might also provide useful pointers to progress in a new economy". <Moore>. Providing the outside world an opportunity to experience what authentic learning is (and what authentic teaching is) is the first step towards transparency.







There is no loss for high quality material that represent the achievements of our students and faculty. Many of the achievements are familiar gems that we regularly showcase as evidence that we are educating intelligent, creative, critical thinkers. Unfortunatley many of the greatest accomplishments aren't shared beyond the classroom walls. How then do we capture and share with the world the great intellectual work our students and faculty?


The rapid growth of user friendly technology specifically the birth of social networking applications has rocked how we interact with and understand information. We are no longer tied to traditional evenues of information getting. Instead we have the




There are essential reaons why we would want to share non-



Achieve in a variety of ways

    Technology nurtures creativity and supports knowlege building which can lead to innovation



Become recognized for the accomplishments of our students and faculty

learning in action.







[MC: Need some text in here about what academic achievements are -- is getting an A in a class an academic achievement? I think it's deeper than that -- maybe also more related to engagement.]


I think the challenge here is thinking about our notion of achievement, and how technology can assist with achievement versus simple course delivery.


But of course it's double edged -- to the extent we use technology to make course delivery less taxing, we do free up hours that faculty or students might better spend on achievement.


Just scattered thoughts right now....but need perhaps to start with definition of "Academic Achievements"


Desired Outcomes


<Anne H. Moore: http://www.educause.edu/ir/library/pdf/eqm0730.pdf>


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