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Goal: Enhance Academic Programs

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To significantly enhance and become recognized for the quality of our academic programs and the academic achievements of our faculty and students.




From Digital natives and immigrants: A concept beyond its best before date


The school system is in need of overhaul, but as mentioned above, the overhaul is needed because society has changed, not because learners have iPods. Secondly, the discussion of immigrants and natives overlooks the fact that the younger generation often understands technology at a utilitarian level (i.e. how to use a piece of software for its intended purpose, but not much beyond that). Depth of understanding, social implications, trends, and other more advanced concepts are often not present.


Suggested Approach:


Most of what is described in Current Trends applies here. We need to use technology to build programs which reflect the modes of work and study of the world into which our students graduate. We need to encourage entrepreneurship, and allow students to build their own learning environments. We need to help faculty, students, and staff to use the new tools and techniques of the social web to advance their academic goals. We need to help students reflect on their use of technology to achieve those ends.


Desirable Outcomes:


  • Students better prepared for the world of work and further study


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