Goal: Affordability and Accessiblity



To provide high-quality academic programs that are affordable and accessible to a wide range of learners.




Higher education is challenged with keeping the rising cost of a college education affordable and accessible. We are further confronted with maintaining our current set of academic technology applications while remaining nimble enough to address the varying needs of 21st century students.


We need to begin to think laterally and begin to look at alternative academic technology solutions that balance cost with return of investment, low barrier with enough flexibility to meet the learning outcomes of our academic programs. 





The next generation of web applications has grown from a collection of flat sites powered by search engines to become the center of a new digital lifestyle. Today's web is a shared network space that drives education, work, research, and social life. These familiar low threshold technologies factor into the educational equation by making accessible the tools that will help students engage in their own learning.


Desirable Outcomes: